U.S. Department of Education Officials to Participate with Colorado Leaders in the Connecting Communities for the Common Good Conference

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U.S. Department of Education’s Kenneth Bedell and Heather Foster will participate in the White House Office for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships’ Connecting Communities for the Common Good conference in Denver on Wednesday, July 27. The conference will bring together faith and community leaders from across Colorado to discuss ways to engage and strengthen community partnerships.

Bedell, senior advisor in the Department’s Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, and Foster, policy and outreach advisor in that office, will participate in the workshop “From Education Outsiders to Education Insiders.” In separate sessions, they will discuss how faith-based and secular community organizations, through strong partnerships, can become education insiders. Specifically, Bedell will highlight how successful collaborations can propel school improvement, and Foster will engage conference participants in small group conversation with local school partners.