Senior Advisor Greg Darnieder to Deliver Keynote Remarks at Symposium for Multicultural Recruitment

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Greg Darnieder, the U.S. Secretary Education’s senior advisor on the College Access Initiative, will deliver keynote remarks at the Symposium for Multicultural Recruitment on Tuesday, June 12 in Dallas. During his remarks, Darnieder will discuss college affordability, k-12 and college partnerships, and the use of data as a performance management tool.

The symposium attracts admissions professionals from more than 50 colleges throughout the country each year to share their perspectives, best practices, and find new ways to ensure universities are able to reach all students, close the gaps in college access, and pave pathways for their success. This year's symposium will include a day where high school administrators and counselors will be able to participate in workshops designed to teach them how admissions directors make their decisions, as well as discussions about how high schools can work together with colleges to help bridge the college access gap.