U.S. Department of Education Senior Officials to Participate in National Forum on School Improvement in Arlington, Va

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Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education Deb Delisle and Jo Anderson, senior advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Education, will participate in panel discussions at the National Forum on School Improvement on Friday, April 12, in Arlington, Va. Top education officials, practitioners and policy-makers will come together to discuss strategies and pedagogies for improving low-performing schools. The participants will share best practices on critical phases of school improvement.

During a panel discussion-"Moving Forward with What We Know"-Delisle will discuss the impact of transforming schools on the community and the urgency to act now. Additionally, she will explain common attributes and qualities of a successful school turnaround and proven strategies for addressing the importance of school culture on school improvement. By highlighting significant education components in the President’s recently released budget, Delisle will link the importance of a high-quality education with the economy and the country's growth.

In the afternoon, Anderson will co-moderate the panel, "Using Labor-Management Collaboration to Turn Around Struggling Schools." The panel will explore how labor-management collaboration has been critical to implementing School Improvement Grant (SIG) strategies at a school in Washington State and at the district and school levels in Providence, R.I.

The Department supports low-performing schools through its $4 billion in Title I School Improvement Grants (SIG) program.