Senior Education Official to Visit Blackburn Laboratory Middle School and Deliver Remarks at First Educator Equity Lab in Mississippi

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James Cole Jr., General Counsel, Delegated the Duties of Deputy Secretary of Education will travel to Jackson, Mississippi on Tuesday, March 29 to visit Blackburn Laboratory (Lab) Middle school and to deliver remarks at the Department's first Educator Equity Lab at Jackson State University (JSU).

On Tuesday morning, Cole will tour Blackburn Lab Middle School and hold roundtable discussions with educators and students. The school serves JSU's Lab School—the only Lab School in the district and the state. The school has a collaborative relationship with JSU and is located on their campus. Blackburn's partnership with JSU provides middle school students the opportunity to experience the importance of college- and career-ready preparation. A lab school is an elementary or secondary school operated in association with a university, college or other teacher education institution for the training of future teachers, educational research, and professional development.

Following the school visit, Cole will deliver closing remarks at the Educator Equity Lab at Jackson State University. He will discuss the importance of ensuring that all students have equal access to excellent educators to help prepare them for college and careers.