Michael Yudin to Address Graduates at the 2014 Commencement Ceremony of RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf

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Michael Yudin, acting U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS), will speak to the graduating class of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf on Saturday at noon on May 24, 2014, in Rochester, New York. As part of the commencement ceremony, Yudin will bring to light specific challenges facing students with disabilities, including those who are deaf and hard of hearing, and how their education will prepare them for successful futures.

The primary mission of the National Technical Institute for the Deaf is to provide deaf and hard-of-hearing students with outstanding state-of-the-art technical and professional education programs, complemented by a strong arts and sciences curriculum that prepares them to live and work in the mainstream of a rapidly changing global community and enhance their lifelong learning.