Equity and Excellence Commission to Host Town Hall to Examine Disparities in Meaningful Educational Opportunities

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The U.S. Department of Education’s Equity and Excellence Commission will host a town hall meeting on Wednesday, June 8, in Dallas to examine disparities in meaningful educational opportunities. Participants will include Stephen Chen, executive director of the Equity and Excellence Commission, and Alberto Retana, the Education Department’s director of community outreach.

The Commission is studying a range of disparities in education, with a focus on the achievement gap, systems of finance and ways in which federal policies could better address inequalities. Established this past February, the commission is comprised of 27 members from a variety of backgrounds, including education, business, law, tax, government, and civil rights.

NOTE TO EDITORS: The town hall meeting is open to the public. Interested parties can send an RSVP to [email protected], with “RSVP for June 8 Dallas Town Hall meeting” in the subject header.