Deputy Director of White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics to Give Remarks at GradNation Community Summit

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Marco Davis, deputy director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, will deliver remarks at the GradNation Community Summit on Tuesday, Nov. 10, in New York City. The event raises awareness of the importance of high school completion and helps communities work together more effectively to prepare young people for success in college and career.

Davis' remarks will focus on the importance of investing in education, particularly for Hispanic and African-American students, who make up two-thirds of New York City's public school students, and the long-term benefits of that investment for New York and the nation. He also will discuss the Obama Administration's work to expand equity and opportunity in education, and highlight the recently announced Bright Spots in Hispanic Education.

U.S. students are graduating from high school at a record high rate—81 percent—thanks to the hard work of educators, parents, communities and the students themselves. States continue to increase high school graduation rates and narrow the gap for traditionally underserved students, including low-income students, minority students, students with disabilities and English learners.

Ensuring that all students complete high school ready for college and career is key to the economic strength of our country. The Department has invested more than $1 billion in early education; implemented strategies that improve achievement and close opportunity gaps, and awarded billions of dollars through such grant programs as Race to the Top, Investing in Innovation, and School Improvement Grants; as well as expanded college access and affordability for families.