Department Official to Discuss Digital Innovation in Education as Panelist During Education Week's 2011 Leadership Forum

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Jim Shelton, assistant deputy secretary for the Office of Innovation and Improvement, will be a featured panelist at the Spring 2011 Education Week Leadership Forum on Monday, May 2 in New York. Shelton will be joined by education leaders from across the country to discuss the role of digital innovation in education. Some of the issues the panel will explore are effective ways of blending face-to-face and online learning to develop a greater array of curriculum offerings; using e-learning programs to improve personalized instruction; and, benefits and drawbacks of state-sponsored virtual schools and private for-profit e-learning companies.

The Education Week Leadership Forum brings together superintendents and other senior district leaders for in-depth, interactive discussions on smart strategies to help raise student achievement while maintaining costs. The theme to this year’s forum is “Innovation InSight – Manage your District Creatively to Boost Learning.”