Assistant Deputy Secretary Kevin Jennings to Discuss Importance of Parental Involvement in Creating Safe Schools at the Peal Center Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Kevin Jennings, assistant deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, will discuss the importance of parental involvement in creating safe schools at the fifth annual Parent Education & Advocacy Leadership (PEAL) Conference Tuesday, April 12, in Pittsburgh, Pa. He will address how safe and welcoming learning environments affect the academic success of students.

The two-day conference, April 11-12, will bring together more than 500 parents and educators. This year’s theme, “Discovering Genuine Relationships,” highlights the invaluable partnership between parents and educators in creating healthy, safe learning environments. The event is sponsored by the PEAL Center, a federally funded parent training and information center that supports students with disabilities and special health needs in the state of Pennsylvania. It is one of two Parent Training and Information (PTI) Centers in the state.