Deputy Assistant Secretary Jason Snyder to Travel to St. Louis, Mo., Visit Local Schools Participating in the School Improvement Grant Program

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Jason Snyder, deputy assistant secretary for policy in the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, will visit St. Louis, Mo., on Wednesday, Feb. 22, to visit some of the city’s lowest-performing schools and discuss their turnaround efforts. Snyder will visit three schools participating in the Department's School Improvement Grant (SIG) program: Vashon High School, Columbia Elementary, and L’Ouverture Middle School. Media interested in observing or interviewing Snyder's visit may attend his tour of L’Ouverture Middle School at 11:30 a.m. CT.

The SIG program provides financial assistance and other support to help states and districts turn around their lowest-performing schools. The funds made available to states through SIG are distributed by formula to the state and then competed out by the state to school districts.