Chief of Staff Joanne Weiss to Visit Seoul, South Korea to Deliver Keynote on Education Reform During Korean Educational Development Institute International Symposium

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On Wednesday, Aug. 29, U.S. Department of Education Chief of Staff Joanne Weiss will travel to Seoul, South Korea, where she will discuss education reform in the United States and give a keynote address at the Korean Educational Development Institute’s (KEDI) 40th Anniversary International Symposium. Weiss will represent the United States in a conference that will examine the future direction of educational development in countries in different parts of the world. Weiss will join representatives from China, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. Each representative will make a presentation on education reform in his or her respective country. The conference also seeks to foster discussion among high-level policymakers and heads of research institutions.

The conference is sponsored by the KEDI, which conducts research in the field of education. KEDI was founded in 1972, and has since played a key role in Korea's educational progress.