Teacher Effectiveness, Use of Data, Low-Performing Schools

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The Doing What Works website features practical suggestions about ways to support teacher effectiveness, use data to improve instruction, and turn around low-performing schools.

For each topic, you’ll find three kinds of information: essential concepts, recommended practices, and planning templates.  Materials include expert interviews, videos, slideshows, diagrams, protocols, sample materials, and more.

Materials are organized around real-life scenarios. For example:

  • How can teachers in my school more fully use the mathematics assessment data we collect?
  • How can we better track our preschoolers’ development of language and literacy skills?
  • How can we help teachers organize and use data to guide instruction for our English learners who need extra help developing literacy skills?
  • How can we break down the isolation among teachers in our high school and get them working together to improve instruction?
  • What professional development should we be looking at to help our teachers learn research-based instructional strategies, like using higher-order questions?

For more information, please visit the Doing What Works home page or topic page:

For even more information about those three topics, please see

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