Secretary Duncan’s Speech at the State House Convention Center

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In last night’s speech in Little Rock, Ark., Secretary of Education Arne Duncan highlighted the importance of improving the feedback we give teachers so they can continually improve at their jobs.

“Many teachers get little or no meaningful feedback or have access to the data that can show them if they are making a difference — and that’s a tragedy,” he said in a lecture hosted by the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service. “Teachers want — and need — this information.”

Here is some of the press coverage of the speech:

Duncan: Schools Should Disclose More on Teachers (AP)
By Andrew Demillo
Associated Press, August 26, 2010
“Too often our systems keep all of our teachers in the dark about the quality of their own work,” Duncan told an audience at the Statehouse Convention Center in downtown Little Rock. “In other fields, we talk about success constantly, with statistics and other measures to prove it. Why, in education, are we scared to talk about what success looks like?”

Education Secretary Arne Duncan Wants Schools To Give Parents, Teachers More Data (WP)
By Nick Anderson, Washington Post Staff Writer
Washington Post, August 26, 2010
“Education Secretary Arne Duncan, stoking a national debate over a Los Angeles Times series that examines how much individual teachers have raised test scores, urged public schools Wednesday to give educators more data on student achievement and parents a full report on teacher effectiveness.”

Education Secretary Arne Duncan says schools need to provide student achievement data
By: Amanda Terrebonne
Today’s THV, August 26, 2010
Duncan said in a speech in Little Rock, Ark., on Wednesday that such information would allow parents to know about teacher effectiveness. It also would allow teachers to get better feedback on their work.