Secretary Arne Duncan and Senior Advisors Brief Education Associations

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Secretary Duncan speaking to education associations

Secretary Duncan speaking to education associations

This morning more than 150 representatives from various education and community groups gathered at the Department’s headquarters for a briefing on the Recovery Act guidance issued April 1. Joined by several of his senior advisors and program staff, Secretary Duncan explained how the stimulus funds present a “huge opportunity” for reform.

“We see an extraordinary opportunity to change students’ lives,” he said. “We want to save hundreds of thousands of teachers jobs. But if all we do is save jobs, then we have missed a huge opportunity. We want to push a dramatic reform agenda. We want to use an unprecedented investment in education to change outcomes and dramatically improve achievement.

“We want to work with you. We want to learn from you. We want you to hold us accountable and make sure that not only is every dollar wisely spent, but these dollars are significantly improving the life chances of children.”

The archived webcast of the entire briefing will be available on Monday, April 6, at

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