Ed Trust President Kati Haycock Shares How Her Favorite Teacher Motivated Her to Strive for the Best

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Cross-posted from the TEACH.gov blog.

The Education Trust is one of a number of organizations aimed at closing the achievement gap for all students in the U.S.  Ed Trust’s  president, Kati Haycock , recently shared with us the story of how her favorite teacher influenced her life. “Sue Foster pushed me, she challenged me,” Haycock said. The investment this teacher made in Haycock inspired her to work harder than she had ever worked before. “We need more Sue Fosters in the classroom.”

A former vice president of the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF), Haycock is one of the leading advocates for education in America. Before her work at the CDF, she was the president and founder of the Achievement Council in California, which helps teachers and principals improve student achievement in primarily minority schools. Her education career began when she served as a director of the outreach and student affirmative-action programs for the nine-campus University of California System.

Haycock believes that teachers—not more financial resources or better curriculum—are the most important factor in a child’s education, especially for low-income children.

What are you waiting for? Inspire a child. Teach.

For more information about Ed Trust, see http://www.edtrust.org/

Click here for an accessible version of the video.