A Mother Reflects on the Power of Preschool

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From a young age I knew that I wanted to be a mom. I would envision my future as a mother who would be annoyingly affectionate, always smothering my kids with hugs and kisses as they squirm saying “enough ma!” A mother who would be class mom or on the PTA. A mother who would be cheering on the sidelines of all my sons games and lugging a handful of costumes to all of my daughters dance competitions.


I was blessed with my son in December of 2011. When it was time to leave him, at just 12 weeks old, to go back to my corporate job in New York City, I was so incredibly sad. How would I be able to help him learn? See him grow? What if I miss his first words … first steps? I was losing sleep, losing weight and losing time with my precious boy. After six long months of commuting, I decided to hand in my resignation and gave myself a new full-time job title: stay at home mom.

In June, 2013, my daughter was born. The future that I envisioned for myself was happening. I had these precious babies that I kissed and hugged all day long – and lucky for me, they weren’t able to yet tell me to stop!

Now, at 3 and 4 years old, they have embarked on their journey to preschool. How could it be time for their school days to begin? All those sad, uneasy feelings started to rush back. How could I trust “strangers” to take care of my kids? Will their teacher notice when they need something? When they are happy or sad? Will they make a big deal over the cute, little things they do? Will my kids think I abandoned them?

Deep down, I know that school is great for them. They will make friends and learn social skills. They’ll learn their ABC’s and 1,2,3’s. There will be much needed discipline and even more needed fun. I suppose it’s the interactions and relationships they have at school that help round out their personalities.

As we approached the highly anticipated first day of school, I had to remind myself that these will hopefully be good times my kids will look back on and that so many memories are just beginning to be made. I look forward to all the amazing, new adventures the future has in store for my beautiful children – and for me.

And just like that we are more than two months into the school year!

It is such a relief to see their smiling faces every day when they leave school. I’ve realized that the feelings of anticipation leading up to the first day were normal and, in fact, a learning experience not only for me as a parent, but for all parents that have to embrace this new chapter in life – seeing their kids grow up and develop into wonderful little people.


JoAnna Nowosacki is mother to Cameron, age 4 and Chloe, age 3. Her children attend Hope Christian Preschool in Freehold, New Jersey.