A Call to Teach

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Last week under Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda at the University of Virginia, Secretary Arne Duncan issued a call to Americans to become teachers.

Click here for an accessible version of the video.

“This country needs an army of great, new teachers,” Duncan said in remarks to aspiring teachers from the Curry School of Education.  But his call to teach was directed more broadly to people across the country — “college students, professionals rethinking their careers, military veterans, retirees and others who may be thinking of becoming a teacher.”

The Obama administration, he said, sees elevating the teaching profession and expanding the pool of talent as critical to closing the achievement gap and promoting the nation’s long-term prosperity.

“Our country needs you,” he said.  “Our children need you.”

Before the speech, Duncan joined Congressman Tom Perriello, Virginia State Superintendent of Schools Patricia Wright, and other district and local leaders at Greenbrier Elementary School to celebrate the Charlottesville school’s recent designation as a 2009 Blue Ribbon School.  Following the community celebration, Secretary Duncan and Congressman Perriello convened a superintendent’s forum to discuss education challenges facing small and rural districts across Virginia.

ED Staff

Read the text of the speech and press release. View photos.

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